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Congratulations on taking the first step in finding out more about what Gladney has to offer. The exciting next steps of your journey include the following:

  • Receiving and reviewing your information packet online or via U.S. mail
  • Viewing child profiles on A Child to Love website, if interested in a waiting child. When the form is submitted, the next screen will provide you with a link to log in to view profiles.
  • Completing and submitting the brief Pre-Application Form. (You’ll use your MyGladney username and password you create below to log in at
  • Attending either a group or private orientation.

Receiving and Reviewing Your Information Packet
When you select the online option, we'll automatically confirm your e-mail address. Then, the screen that you are now reading will be replaced by a new web page to view the Adoption Information Package online. You can view the Adoption Information Package at any time by logging in to your MyGladney account using the username and password you create below. If you do not automatically receive the new page, please request the packet via U.S. mail.

If you prefer to receive our Information Packet in the mail, select the "U.S. Mail" option below. Your information will arrive in about ten days.

Information Packet Request Form
Although not all of the fields in the form below are required for submission, we do request that you provide all of the requested information. You may also wish to review our Privacy policy.

Have you already created an account with MyGladney? If so, enter your current username and password. Can't remember what they are? You can recover the username here, and the password here.


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